You can send the referral rewards and gift coupon/vouchers to your customers on every successful referral. In InviteReferrals you can send the coupon rewards to the customers in three ways, that is:

  1. Static Coupon Code
  2. Unique Coupon Code
  3. Paytm Cash Rewards

Static Coupon Code

If you want the referral reward of your campaign to be a promo code that could be shared to your customer after a successful conversion. You can use the same coupon to all features where you can use a generic coupon code (REFER2020) that will be dispersed to your customers.

static coupon

Unique Coupon Code

If you want to send out exclusive coupon code to your customers on every successful referral conversion so you can use the unique coupon code feature to successfully send the unique reward coupon/gift voucher to your customers.

You can upload numerous comma-separated coupon codes. On every successful conversion, a coupon will be removed from the uploaded coupon bank and will be sent out to the customers via email/SMS.


unique coupon code


Paytm Cash Rewards

You can disperse Paytm cash to a referrer/referee on successful completion of a referral. All you need to do is to integrate your Paytm Merchant account into your InviteReferrals.  Dashboard to send out the cash rewards to your customers.

To integrate Paytm Merchant Account you can navigate to Brand_Settings>>Integration>>Paytm.

paytm integration

You have to enter your following Paytm Merchant account Credentials:

  • Merchant ID
  • Merchant Key
  • Sub-wallet GUID

paytm integration

Once you enter your Paytm details you can then navigate to Campaign>>Edit>>Events/Rewards>>Sale>>Paytm_Money.

There you can enter the amount that you want to reward your customers every time they do a successful conversion.

So if you enter Rs 100 in Paytm amount section, then every customer will receive Rs 100 on a successful conversion & the same amount will be deducted from your Paytm Merchant account and your customers will be notified for the same via email/SMS.

paytm money dispersal